Pages - custom domain (with CF nameservers) verifying takes too long

Hello, we have a site on Cloudflare pages - the address is for example this one for master branch -

Few hours ago I tried to add custom domain ( to that pages application, but since then domain is still being verified. We are using CF’s nameservers and for other pages applications we have with the same settings this always worked right away.

So the question is - if we wait some time (few hours for example), is there a chance it will still go through, or does it look like a sign I made something wrong? There are no workers set up or anything that may interfere with the pages application / domain (I would say).

Thank you very much for some pointers. Here on forum I for example read stories from people who waited multiple days but nothing happened and from perspective of our client we cannot do this.

Kind regards, Adam

So after 24 hours of no change I removed the records and tried to add the “stage” one again. And again it is verifying for few minutes now (even the DNS records are under Cloudflare).

Anybody able to help with this? Are we supposed to change something in the domain configuration after migrating the domain to CF from other nameservers?