Pages custom domain stays in initializing status

Yesterday I had the custom domain briefly in a success/active status, but seemingly had some other stuff not working correctly, since my page did not load under the custom domain. I removed and added the custom domain again, since then its stuck at initializing.

Help is much appreciated, since I need to publish the site and now I’m stuck as well.

I already ran through the guide on “Debugging Pages”, kind of. The acme-challenge is not going through for https. And I don’t think I can add CAA records for the subdomain, since I also had it added as CNAME

The domain is

That’s not CNAMEd to any that I can see, pointed at some server in Germany

; IN A


Are you sure you added the cname, and removed the existing A record?

I had the CNAME record added before, but removed it again, since I read, that I need to associate the custom domain first, before adding the CNAME.

And what do you mean by removing the A record for the domain? Do I need to remove the A record for the subdomain www?

I now added the respective CNAME and for the A record with I’m also seeing the IP addresses for Cloudflare Pages.

Removed and readded the custom domain as well, but to no avail.

It finally went from initializing to inactive, meaning it still requires the dns setup. I checked the the A-Records and CNAME on and it looks all good, but the button “check dns records” is not doing anything.

Is there anything I still can do from my end?