Pages custom domain problem other country

Hello ,
I created the DNS records with the instructions given by creating a page from the Pages section and adding a custom domain.

I live in Turkey, the system works ideally for Turkey.
I asked my friend who lives in Poland to test the web page.
He posted a video like this:

I also asked my friend who lives in Australia to visit the web site. said the page did not open.

Pages URL:
Custom Domain:

What I said above applies to Custom Domain.

That URL resolves everywhere I checked.

What specific error does the Australia friend get?

As for the Polonia video, how big is the video file?

Video file 5.6mb
My Australian friend is a little older in age.
I sent a link over WhatsApp and when I asked him to open he said he got an error stating the page was not found, but I’m not sure

That phone video briefly showed a 522 timeout, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen if the site is in Pages. It did load at the end. Does it still not work?

Yes the problem persists.
It waits for 30 seconds and then opens the page like this.
We don’t expect this to happen.

The problem has been resolved. my dns records are www. It was pointing to for the subdomain and I redirected it to it works now.