Pages Custom Domain not verifiying for CF registered domain

Background: I have a CF registered domain, which also hosts the DNS record. When I setup the Pages website and designate the Custom Domain (CNAME both naked and www), they never verify and stay in “Verifying” state. Even after 48 hours they still are in verifying mode (I have even waited 5 days).

I have used the Pages Custom Domain flow to automatically create the records…waited…that didn’t seem to work. I then manually created the DNS records…waited…that didn’t seem to work. I then flipped the DNS Proxied flag on/off…waited…that didn’t seem to work.

I have other CF registered domains, DNS and Pages websites. I am very familiar with the process, but it has worked on the other domains, just not one specific domain. I deleted the Pages project, the DNS entries, etc. But every time I re-try this Pages and domain, it stays in “Verifying” status. Am I doing something wrong?

This sounds like a bug if you have experience with it and it’s worked for every other case. I sorta experienced the same at times, but not persistently like you have.

Edit: Pages Discord is here: Cloudflare Workers. Reporting there will get it resolved faster for you.

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