Pages custom domain - Inactive (Error)

I have a site that I have just recently moved to Cloudflare Pages, deploying was fine but adding a custom domain (@ and www) both result in ‘Inactive (Error)’ in the adding custom domain section of pages.
The domain DNS is managed by Cloudflare, so I let pages automatically add the records it needed.
The custom domains work, I can actually visit the site fine but I believe without the verification it doesn’t automatically from redirect HTTP => HTTPS

If you can visit the site it’s fine. It takes a little bit for it to propagate and become active.

I don’t think it is that, it’s been over 48hrs? I’ve tried re-adding the domain twice during that period though. Anyway, I’ve added a page rule to always use HTTPS, which has fixed my issue whilst the verification thing hopefully sorts itself out.

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