Pages builds started taking 35+ minutes during the build step in Pages only

Last week we started seeing our pages build step time increase by about 15 minutes with no code changes to warrant such a jump. This results in the project exceeding the Cloudflare Pages build time limit and failing. I’ve run tets locally, in Vercel, and Jenkins as a comparison to validate that claim.

Vercel Production build duration: 24:38
Local Production build duration: 22:12
Jenkins Production build duration: 21:28

Kind of at a loss as to what is going on or how to resolve this issue, any help or insight would be appreciated.

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@cloonan I’m not sure why my post was added to this issue, we aren’t seeing Failed: An internal error occurred. We are seeing an increase in the time it takes to build our site in Cloudflare Pages only which produces this error: Failed: build exceeded the time limit and was terminated. Refer to for build limits
Deployment ID for reference: 53207dd6-24fb-437b-8190-c9772a48afc7

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