Pages build error: error occurred while updating repo submodules (.gitmodules OK)

I’m getting an error while trying to build a simple hugo static page.

After successfully initializing the build environment, I get “Failed: error occurred while updating repo submodules”.

I checked the resolution in Pages build error: Failed: error occurred while updating repo submodules, and verified that the .gitmodules includes both the url field as well as points to a public git repo.

Any hints?



Most likely cause is a private submodule. Is the repo for that submodule a private repository?

If not, could you please share the repo if it’s open source so we can take a look? Alternatively, if you can send the deployment ID (the UUID in the URL) I can check it


The repo in the submodule seems to be public:

[submodule "themes/hello-friend-ng"]
	path = themes/hello-friend-ng
	url =

Here’s the deployment UUID: 926e3f92-3d41-4003-9df1-55faa671a058



Looking at our logs I see:

Cloning into '/opt/buildhome/clone/themes/hello-friend-ng'...
fatal: remote error: upload-pack: not our ref 581742d567f1b78fbeee9b519b7e767888749fce
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
Fetched in submodule path 'themes/hello-friend-ng', but it did not contain 581742d567f1b78fbeee9b519b7e767888749fce. Direct fetching of that commit failed.

The commit of that submodule is no longer accessible. It was possible there was a force push and the commit is no longer there. If you just pull the latest changes into the submodule that should fix it :+1:


Great! I updated the submodule and now points to a publicly accessible commit.

This is probably in your roadmap, but is there a way to get access to more verbose error messages?


Yes better error messaging is definitely on our roadmap! :slight_smile:

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