Pages being Cached when pulled from GTMetrix

Since I signed up I am unable to pull fresh pages from GTMetrix, all of the pages are hours old and dont show changes made to the HTML. As far as I know, the default settings do not store HTML and even if I “purge everything” it still pulls up old, outdated pages.

What’s the URL? Or a link to the GTMetrix test you ran.

This is the webpage I am working on:

Here is a copy of the report:

The report shows we have images that need width and height attributes added to the HTML. I added the attributes to the HTML for the images that are in the /images/conference-table/200/ folder. Rerun the scan and it outputs the same error, no attributes, however I check the site with my browser and the attributes have been added. Staff at GTMetrix also reports they are seeing the HTML code without the width and height attributes assigned.

rule out gtmetrix bugs and try testing with and see. I wrote a guide on using WPT at

but if your web app has it’s own static guest only HTML page caching, you may need to rebuild it or purge that cache on your web app’s end

Is there a place that I can see what HTML they pulled from the site? I see a lot of info about images in the tool but couldn’t find a copy of the source code or whether they are reporting that the images have width and height parameters.

In the GTMetrix report:

  • Click the ‘Waterfall’ tab
  • Click the first url (’/conference-tables/’)
  • Click the ‘response tab’

You can then see the first few lines of HTML that it pulled for the page.

Because it is truncated, you cant see the actual table HTML. Possibly you could add a meta tag at the start of the HTML to see? something like:

<meta name="version" content="height-specified-v1.0">

Which would give you a reference so you would know what is being pulled.

You can also look at the headers tab and see the age headers. I can see a date header of: Thu, 06 Feb 2020 14:20:41 GMT

Hope that helps.

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