Pages and custom domains

I’m trying to setup my Wodpress website on pages. At the address everything works perfectly, while in the custom domain the same site doesn’t seem to load javascript and so many things like the menu, etc. don’t work…

I’m supposing you’re trying to setup a static site generated from a WordPress site on Pages … and not a live WordPress site… as Pages is for hosting static sites and doesn’t have the components a live WordPress site needs to run.

Can you provide the custom domain in question so we can take a look?

Thanks GeorgeAppiah.

Here is the custom domain: assicurazione .pages .dev (sorry but seems like Cloudflare doesn’t let me insert a link) and is working perfectly.

I know the difference between a static website and a dynamic, but in this case it’s a matter of Javascript problem, I think.

Sorry, but what I meant was your own custom domain you’re trying to set up that’s not working, and not your Cloudflare Pages subdomain.