Pages: Account has been blocked


This is a re-post of my previous thread, since I’m still having the issue and wasn’t able to resolve.

When I try to create more projects (I already have 1 project) on Cloudflage pages it saying “Account has been blocked”.
~Screenshot 2021-10-23 034602

Below is the json response when I try to deploy:

  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 8000036,
      "message": "Account has been blocked"
  "messages": []

I currently have only 1 project in Pages which I made for testing. I haven’t changed anything since I’ve had this issue.

Github repo: GitHub - sykezz/status-page at statusfy

All my other services seems to be working fine, and I do not believe I’ve abused any TOS. Would be great if someone could take another look :slight_smile:

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