Pagerule weired problem


I got domainA DOT com and i want to redirect to domainB DOT com/landingpage2.php
Currently its redirecting to domainB DOT com/landingpage1.php BUT sometimes when i open domainA DOT com it just redirect me to one of my advertising urls wich is hosted on my landingpageA

DomainA DOT com Pagerule is FORWARD URL 301 permanent .domainA DOT com/
it redirects to domainB. DOT com /landingpage1/index.php

When i edit now the pagerule of to redirect to domainB. DOT /landingpage2/index.php
it redirects me to a url wich i have in a script inside my landingpage2 !

Short said :

I want to redirect to to domainB DOT com/landingpage2/index.php

So you want any hit to anywhere at DomainA to go to that DomainB landing page?

Iā€™d try a Match of* with the 301 redirect to

Make sure this is the only Page Rule for Domain A.

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HI Sdayman,

I added the full path but i found out that Cloudflare parses the root (domainA dot com) where i have a geoip redirect script.This causes the wrong redirection.

Instead of redirecting to fullpath Cloudflare was reading the index.php (redirect script) of domainB dot com and sending user to the wrong path (to the predifined redirect in the index.php of domainB dot com)

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