PageRule Unexpected Results

I have a page rule that looks like this:*/*.*


and when I submit a url that looks like this:

It redirects me to this:


There had been a RewriteRule on the hosting server, which I thought might be creating some kind of odd loop. But the behaviour is the same with that rule removed from my .htaccess file.

That’s an infinite loop because you’re rewriting * to be large, then hitting the rules again, which again catches “large” because of the wildcard. And so, and so on.

Thanks. Is there a workaround? What I ended up doing this time is redirecting the DNS away from Cloudflare and doing it with .htaccess / mod_rewrite.

Maybe add a symbolic link so you have pointing at

So your rule would look for anything in images//.* and redirect them to images/rewrite/

That made more sense in my mind when I posted it last night.

On your server, if you create a symbolic link that the rule points to, it won’t trigger the rule:

Images really in
Symlink of points to

So the rule looks for anything in and redirects it to images in

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Thanks. I think that makes sense. So it would be a combination of a page rule on Cloudflare and symlinks on the server with the codebase on it?

Just the one symlink on the server if everything really is in /images/large

But if you’re able to get it to work without Cloudflare by using mod_rewrite, that shouldn’t change if you enable Cloudflare. It sounds like there’s something else going on.