Pageok error


Can anyone help me out with pageok error


That comes straight from your server. You need to clarify that with your host.

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Cloudflare is the hosting dept


Cloudflare is not a host, they proxy your site. You need to contact whomever hosts your site.


And Im on free plan


I know, I know


I m not using any hosting dept other than cloudflare


That cannot be. Cloudflare is not a host!


Alright can I move this from cloudflare to any other


Move what? You can certainly move away from Cloudflare by simply switching at your registrar to your original nameservers.


Will it start my website to normal?


Switching? That depends on where you switch to. Again, that is something to clarify with your host.


I spoke to my domain registrar they said that my website is showing IP address to hosting


As I’m not a professional designers or anything…I don’t know much about it


I hope you understand my problem


I have no idea what you are saying. But you must have a host, otherwise you couldnt have pointed your DNS records anywhere. And that host should be your primary contact.



You origin host is hidden behind Cloudflare IPs.
Contact your host provider. Bluehost, Hostinger, 000webhost… Wherever you bought your webspace!

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That is the IP of the proxies because you are proxying through Cloudflare - as I said at the very beginning.

You need to contact whomever is your host. We are going in circles here I am afraid.


How can I know who is hosting my website