Paged redirect rule is not working for shopify

I’m trying to set a redirect rule for my a page in my website which is on Shopify.
From**policies**/privacy-policy to**pages**/privacy-policy
with 301.
Not sure why it is not working for me!
Any help?

What’s the purpose of the double asterisks (**)? That’s not valid rule syntax.

Sorry this is a typo, as i wanted to bold it…
Below corrected one
From to
with 301.

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You’ll want to create a Redirect Rule then. A demo screenshot is attached.

EDIT: depending on your use-case you might also want to enable Preserve Query String (the checkbox at the bottom)

You can create one here:

Since this is Shopify, I doubt any settings in your account will have any effect. Shopify sites are proxied through Shopify’s Cloudflare account, regardless of the Shopify user’s proxy settings…unless they’re on an Enterprise plan.


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