Page transform rules for wordpress website backend access

Dear, I have a website based on wordpress and I founded if some affliate bring traffice to my website like abc…com/?wpam_id=10 is ok, but the ?wpam_id=10 also added to the backend while I access my website backend which makes backend unaccessable like lost css.

So someone can help me that how to set up page transform rule of URL Rewrite can avoid such issue that automaticly removed the affliate suffix while I access wordpress backend?

so far below URL rewirte rule I have applied:

not starts_with( http.request.uri.path, "/wp-admin  /my-account /shop-2 /checkout-2 /cart-2 /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpam-affiliates  /affiliate-home /checkout")

I have tried many times but failed, I am looking forward your kindly help.

I am not familiar can’t you access your dashboard normally while using it, neither why it adds a sufficient suffix to each of the URLs including the CSS/JS resources instead only to the ones you configured. Must be some bug to report, if so :thinking:

Since it’s a plugin for WordPress, I’d suggest you to contact the developer via WordPress repo or the official plugin webpage.

  1. [Affiliates Manager] Support |

  2. Documentation - WordPress Affiliate Manager

You could hide it in the end-user Web browser or rewrite, however even with redirection, but that would just cause issues.

May I ask if you’re tracking this with Google Analytics too? Have you tried? :thinking:


Hi Fritex:

Yes, I have google analytics but can’t find any clues helps to fix this issue.

By the way, if I want this way, how to configure page rules?

all incoming traffic automatically add suffix: abc…com/?wpam_id=10
if incoming traffic has other like abc…com/?wpam_id=5 or other number then automatic convert to abc…com/?wpam_id=10?

Hi @fritex can you help me with my last question above?

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