Page timing out with script

Hi there, I’m trying to add java script to a page in wordpress, and it keeps timing out.

This is the page

This is the code:

<script>jdgm = window.jdgm {};jdgm.SHOP_DOMAIN = '[](';jdgm.PLATFORM = 'shopify';jdgm.PUBLIC_TOKEN = 'Ffy-ccmCspK9ZzopFi893vBpfNM';</script>
<script data-cfasync='false' type='text/javascript' async src='['></script]('%3E%3C/script)>
<script data-cfasync='false' type='text/javascript' async src='['></script]('%3E%3C/script)>

I’ve tried to add this code on two websites that are using Cloudflare and the page enlessly loads and will not update in Wordpress.

I’ve then tested on clones of those two sites, the only difference being that they’re not using Cloudflare, and I can add the script and update the pages.

Is there a way that I can stop this happening? And is this related to Cloudflare?

I’m not seeing the code. Make sure you add it as preformatted text, or put it inside ` marks.

And I’m not seeing anything time out on your site.

Thanks, I’ve updated so the code can be seen now.

It won’t time out on the site when you open that page, because it won’t allow me to add the script. When i try to save the page in Wordpress it times out. So the script never gets added.

Ah, I see. Admin is timing out. Is it at about the 100 second mark?

Is anything else in wp-admin slow?

That action could also be blocked by Cloudflare firewall if it looks suspicious. Check the Firewall Overview page here for the event in the Activity log. You should be able to filter by IP address if the log is crowded.

Thanks, there’s nothing else that’s slow in Wp-Admin.

I’ve left the page updating for 3 minutes and nothing happened, so over the 100 second mark.

I’ve just had a look through the Firewall logs and the error that is showing when i try to update in Wp-admin is this:

It probably had your IP address in there. Hopefully. Add that IP address to Firewall → Tools as an Allow.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to add a specific firewall rule.

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Great, that worked by allowing the IP address.

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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