Page suddenly stopped working

Hello I am suddenly getting a 525 error but I’m not sure why or what the fix might be.
It says the ssl is bad, However to my knowledge it’s done through Cloudways. Any help would be great. It was working about an hour ago and now it won’t load. It’s been configured for a couple of months now without any issues.


I suspect the entire site is that way, as I can’t get to its home page (525 error). Most likely, the SSL certificate expired and you need to renew it at Cloudways.

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I assume by the home page you are referring to
The subdomain is actually a CNAME record that points to “” so there is not an actual home page necessarily.

The TLD is “” and that SSL is active and working fine.

Cloudflare is the domain registrar and the SSL/TLS setting is “Full” for the TLD.

Your CNAME is set to :orange:, so no matter which page one visits for that hostname, it uses the same TLS/SSL certificate. In this case, it’s using Alt Names belonging to your domain.

You said this is through Cloudways, but if it’s a CNAME to storyxpress, then their server no longer has valid a TLS/SSL cert with your subdomain on it. You’ll have to straighten this out with storyxpress.

To assist in troubleshooting, you may want to unproxy your “tutorials” DNS entry and then wait five minutes before proceeding. Then see if it works with HTTPS.

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