Page speed Third-party code blocked - dns proxy

sin i activate dns proxy
page speed tells me that Third-party code from cloudflare is blocking website loading for too much time.

it is this script from cloudflare

any information ?


It’s located under Speed tab - Optimization.

this is true

with rocket loader inactivated the results is incredibly better

from 60 to 96% improvement

rocket loader seems to be more like an airbrake …

what is the community feedback about this option ?

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Rocker Loader does not work well 100% of the time. It depends on your website layout and the resources you are fetching from the website.

For some sites, enabling this option will improve page load time because it will defer parsing of JavaScript to prevent thread blocking. But yeah, this feature is not for everyone.

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Thank you for the answer. I was suffering the same effect on my webpages since I activated Rocket Loader.

I wonder how many of the Cloudflare’s features are not for me.

I started with Cloudflare two years ago (Pro plan) to avoid DDoS attacks, but I’m afraid I did not configure it correctly. The network latency of my website jumped, and the time that Googlebot takes to crawl my website doubled, with the resulting penalty in the results of Google searches.

I have the following settings:

  • Polish: Loseless
  • Auto Minify: activated for JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Brotli: On
  • Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization: On
  • TCP Turbo: Enabled
  • Rocket Loader: Off
  • SSL/TLS: Full
  • Caching Level: Standard
  • Browser Cache TTL: 2 months
  • Always Online: On

Any suggestion is welcome.

Your configuration looks fine for me.

Let us know if things get better after disabling Rocket Loader.

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