Page speed test much SLOWER with Mirage on - what gives?

Hi just put a client on Pro and using page rules have a page with Mirage, Polish & Rocket loader all on.

With Mirage on the testmysitewithgoogle mobile page speed test has gone from 4s to around 11s.

The page with Mirage on is Paola Collection Designer Clothing | Walk In Style West Yorkshire

I also tested at which said render started at 2.4s fully loaded at 14.9s and got this info from the waterfall that 5.2s was spent on this Mirage resource

The whole report can be seen here:

here’s an excerpt for that resource from the waterfall report

General Information
Method: GET
Remote Address:
Request headers
:method: GET
:path: /cdn-cgi/pe/mirage_bag?format=base64&r[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
:scheme: https
accept: */*
accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, sdch, br
accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.8
cache-control: no-cache
cookie: __cfduid=d6c20d332d137592b66d6301cf5baaf6c1506038031; mobi=yes;; VSCategoryGroup=9; _ga=GA1.3.1290852933.1506038034; _gid=GA1.3.1008587557.1506038034; _gat=1; mobi=yes
pe-token: 8b93b14e21d7dec19594e18097ad7ae71ad05c82-1506038031-1800
pragma: no-cache
user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0.2; SM-G920T Build/LRX22G) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.81 Mobile Safari/537.36 DareBoost
Response headers
cf-ray: 3a20f2651c0556e1-IAD
content-type: multipart/mirage-bag-base64
date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 23:54:02 GMT
ds-token: ac8c802a4213f98e675bb732f57535329f41d444-1506038037-15
server: Cloudflare-nginx
status: 200

I was expecting it to show improvement with Mirage and that Google will recognise the improvement

Please can you advise,

Upon first access, CF has to do all the hard work of creating those optimized images and scripts.

Try running the speed test a few times. This gives CF a chance to cache the optimized resources at each edge server hit.

Thanks for the reply

I have retested multiple times over the last few days and still showing slowed to between 9 & 11 secs.

Tested here: Optimize your mobile site or app - Think with Google
with url: stated in 1st post
if you could try

any other ideas?


This site does not a responsive/mobile layout. Why are you testing for mobile speeds?

At this point my guess is the amount of images on the page.
When I use chrome and throttle the network for 3G I get acceptable times. However when I throttle the CPU as mobile, it takes a long time to render the page.

At this point I would try lazy loading the images.

Thanks for the prompt reply Jules.

I can understand you thinking it’s not responsive/mobile as it’s not obvious - when it detects mobile it loads a different template/stylesheet - you can see an image of the mobile version in the Google testmysite test results. Or use chrome developer tools and select a mobile device to see it rendered.

Maybe this is why it’s showing as slow?

We use infinite scroll to load images.

Could the mobile detection be confusing things?

It’s possible the mobile detection is confusing things. It’s better to use responsive layouts rather than user agent detection.
Also double check infinite scroll - when I tried in a mobile browser, the entire page loaded all at once, including images.

This website performs EXTREMELY slow for me. I can imagine it would be a frustraiting experience for customers wanting to browse the store. Mirage requires the image to be cached first. Looking at your website I couldnt find a signle object being cached. I think you will benefit a lot by revisiting some of your caching rules (for mirage to work as well as to speed up the overall user experience)