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I have a website/blog post that brings in the large majority of my organic traffic. It is a review post that covers different Clickfunnels Pricing info, costs and sales funnel features. I’m struggling to get the page speed to improve. The site is built on Squarespace. Do I have the ability to move it to Cloudflare for better performance without completely losing the years of “Google juice” I’ve accumulated?

That post has very little content that loads from your domain, all within about a 200ms window. Even taking into account the handful of files coming from SquareSpace, it’s all that non-Squarespace stuff that’s killing your performance. Cloudflare can only help with what’s actually hosted at your domain, so you won’t get much visible improvement by moving it here.

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thank you so much for the clarity. I’ve tried removing extra code that I have injected, but that doesn’t help much at all. What do you see specifically that is non squarespace related content that is slowing it down? The Youtube video embeds maybe? Thanks again

Perhaps you could have a screenshot of the Youtube videos and link to them rather than embed them. That would surely save a few seconds.

Also just be ruthless. If you really don’t need something don’t have it on your site.

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