Page speed issues

My page at currently scores 13 out of 100 in page speed at pagespeed insights. My attempts to get support from Cloudflare have failed, presumably because I have a free account. I need some advice that a non-person who doesn’t have a PhD in computer science can understand.

As a computer guy who’s had to spend the last bunch of months combing through legalese, let me savor the moment…

And now I’m sidetracked by your site’s interesting content. Yay for fines for COVID violations.

Your site’s using the twenty sixteen theme, which pretty efficient, but your score is low due to all the bells and whistles. That would be all the Javascript. And, ironically, all the Google services you’re using.

That score of 13 is for mobile users. For Desktop, it’s a 54. Still not great. If you click the down arrows for each of the warnings, you’ll see the items of concern.

Bottom line is that Cloudflare can’t clean this up. It’s too many inefficient resources you’re using on your site. Again, most of that coming from Google (Syndication, Ads, Tag Manager, etc). It’s a long list.

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Thanks sdayman … right now, I envy your skills! I’ll have to figure out how to get control over my google ads. It’s always something!!! Pat

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