Page Speed Gone Backwards

I am on the free plan and since changing nameservers to Cloudflare, my speed has gone backwards on Page Speed Insights from 95 on Desktop to 81.

Is Cloudflare only really useful for speed when you’re on the pro plan?

Keen to hear people’s experiences.

No, that’s not the case. It depends on your settings and if you have any heavy security settings activated and ofc your Website itself.
For example Bot fight modes and JS Challenges will definitely make your page not being so fast for Google. Also, if your DOM and assets are not optimized it could be possible that for example RocketLoader will not gain too much and instead creates a lot of render blocking, which will in some scenarios lower GPSI score.

I have several pages on free plan which score 100/100 on GPSI, so free plan is not the problem. If you are able to share your domain we can give you some more direct recommendations.

Hey legend. Thanks so much for the thoughts and your help.

So, I checked today and desktop speed is 98 - not bad - but the mobile score is 40.

The domain is, would love your thoughts, my man.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh but the root of the issue is ultimately on WordPress and not Cloudflare.
Cloudflare can boost your performance with WordPress exponentially, but using sweet tools such as elementor, div, etc, will bloat your site and make scores worse.
Ultimately, you can get good scores but there are chances that they will be primarily to fool a machine as for a normal human visitor, they will still have to wait for 4-5s to process the ridiculous amount of dependencies and javascript.

IF speed is a major concern to you, I would suggest looking into modern and simple frontend frameworks such as nextjs, vue, etc :slight_smile: .


Gotcha! Thanks for that. I appreciate the feedback and thoughts.

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