Page speed differentials Cloudflare vs GTMetrix

Cloudflare says my desktop speed is 4.2 seconds - GTMetrix indicates 8.6 seconds.

Can anyone offer an explanation?

Thank you

For starters, get the mindset of comparing two tools out of your head. Not being rude, just this is a fatal mistake in my opinion.

These tools all rank different, I personally use PageSpeed, GTMetrix, Webpagespeed Test, Fast or Slow (New Favourite and is the most realistic tool amongst them all), Pingdom, and lastly Cloudflare but they all rank differently, and for different pages too.

What you need to know, is a common factor amongst them all, such as large dom size is on all of them so I must fix this first, etc, some of the information is wrong on some of them as well if you are behind Cloudflare APO for example and not grabbing from the origin, it is not the tools fault or Cloudflare but tests get skewered such as GZIP compression, Expire headers warnings, etc.

What you need to make certain is the web vitals, Cloudflare on Pro or higher (not sure on free) has web vitals, look at this every 24 hours, 72 hours, weekly, and monthly to see changes. Exclude direct traffic since most of it is bot traffic, filter down to referrers from Google Search, for example, these users are super important as its organic traffic, look at their load times and from the countries they visit. If you are in the 80 to 90% on all three, then you will rank well.

Alternatively, you should also be looking at the 28 user report data from Google, this can be found using PageSpeed and in your Google search console, again web vitals and ranking for Google is important and is real data compared to using these tools that can actually give you a false sense of my site is fast when it is not, or vice versa you think there is a problem when real users connect to you at lightning speeds.

I have seen people lose sleep and talk suicidal over this, don’t believe these sites, use them as an extra tool to find a common issue, then go back to real data web vitals which will take a while to see any real change.

Also don’t freak out over a bad 24 hours like on Cloudflare Analytics, you really need monthly data if not minimum weekly.


Thanks for suggesting this. This becomes my new favourite tool :grin:

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