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According to Cloud flare speed checker, my speed is very good 1.1-1.5 on mobile, but on Google Page Speed Insight it says over 2.5 (tested one after another). Why is that difference and howe to fix…
Obviously Google does not care about Cloudflare speed checker data.

All web data, images are otimized… (you can not run without js and google’s own codes which slows down speed).

I am considering the option to upgrade server. from 4core 8Ram to 6core/12Ram, but not sure how efficient it will be. Also I can upgrade plan or part of service on Cloudflare but need to know the estimated result, some 12 miliseconds improvement does not make any sence. I am looking for real 2 -3 times speed boost.

Any ideas?


Try this first, much more accurate.

If you get good results here, I wouldn’t worry.

FYI, my sites are wrecked on pagespeed because of guess what GOOGLE ADSENSE…

But my 28 day totals pass :wink: Basically, it’s the real user data you should worry about.

Also, Cloudflare analytics measure real data core web vitals, they are pretty good… use this as well to get a better picture, but just remember to filter out bots.

Example, I always filter referrers from google etc to cut down on direct bot traffic ect.

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