Page slow when using cloudflare, fast when accessing directly by IP

My site loads between 1 to 4 seconds, while accessing via IP it takes only 100 to 300 ms

I’m located in Chile, and the server is in Chile too.

Here’s the response headers for the slow request

Here’s the request directly to the server IP: (10 times faster)

That’s normal, the delay however sounds like a temporary Cloudflare issue, have you tried other IPs to access?

Idea is direct IP connecting skips many steps and the trace-route could require less hops to get to the network. I’d do more testing, I wouldn’t personally like to see over 1-2 second load times but if this is happening specific routes then don’t worry much, it’s nothing to do with your server.

With Cloudflare proxying your server’s IP so it’s not seen and won’t easily get DDOS’d I’ll take the delay if it’s temporary, CF getting smoked hourly it’s not even funny and maintains its speed.

Mmm I don’t know it didn’t look to be a temporary problem. I ended up trying 5 different server providers / locations, winner: Vultr US East location (by far)

  1. Chilean provider / Accessed from Chile
  • Direct IP access : 235ms
  • Cloudflare access: 2.34 s
  1. Hetzner Germany location / Accessed from Chile
  • Direct IP access : 850ms
  • Cloudflare access: 1.2s
  1. Hetzner US West location / Accessed from Chile
  • Direct IP access : 690ms
  • Cloudflare access: 900ms
  1. Hetzner US East location / Accessed from Chile
  • Direct IP access : 550ms
  • Cloudflare access: 800ms
  1. Vultr US East location / Accessed from Chile
  • Direct IP access : 143ms
  • Cloudflare access: 256ms

So it’s definitely a Cloudflare route that’s very delayed; not much you can do. It should be temporary. You can probably test periodically to see if there’s signs of changes.