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So I today added my website to Cloudflare’s free plan, and everything was working fine! But I don’t know how, as I did really nothing, my website is showing a certification error! I’m new here, and to these things as well! Can anybody look it up for me? My qebsite is you can see what error it is showing qhen opening it! Please resolve ASAP, as my site’s live, and I dont want my visitors to get scared of their security on my page!

It looks secure to me. Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

That’s what I’m seeing on my mobile device!

What’s your SSL setting in the Cloudflare Crypto page?

Can you tap on that mobile screen’s “Certificate Information” link and post what it shows?

Well here’s whole of my ssl settings-

  1. Universal Ssl active, set to flexible.
  2. Always use https active
  3. Authenticated pulls active
  4. Opportunitic encryption active
    5.Onion routing active
  5. Automatic https rewrites active
  6. Origin certificates- No certificate (This might be the problem)
  7. HSTS not enabled
  8. Minm tls version- 1.0
  9. TLS 1.3 active

That’s all what I got in the crypto page.

I’m attaching what I got when I clicked view certificate in my mobile chrome browser, as I can’t attach two of them once, Ill send then one by one.

Here’s the second one

That mobile device isn’t connecting through Cloudflare. So there’s a DNS problem. How long has your domain been on Cloudflare?

Well I use infinityfree, and they have a Cloudflare integration, so I was using that integratiin since 2-3 weeks, but that made my email function disabled! So they told me to disconnect the Cloudflare integration, and then reconnect it directly from Cloudflare’s website, which is exactly what I did today! I connected Cloudflare today with my website, changed my nameservers, and everything was looking good, and I think initially it worked, but later on I got that error certification dialog!
Well I’m really new to this, and so I’m attaching a screenshot of my Cloudflare’s dns settings from dashboard! Hope this’ll help you look more deep into the matter!

Let it sit for a while. It may take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate.

Okay as you say, will wait for 2-3 days, hope it gets okay! Thanks for the support, though! :blush:

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