Page Shield: New Domain monitor alerting on existing domains

We’re using Page Shield to monitor for scripts originating from new domains. We’re also adding content hashes to the URLs of our existing scripts (on existing domains) for cache busting. Every time we change those paths (not domains), we get a “New Domain Alert”. I assumed this would only happen on the “New Scripts” alert?


Here’s how “New Domain Alert” is described in a help article:

  • Script Monitor New Domain Alert : Triggered hourly by newly detected JavaScript dependencies from new host domains.
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Hi there,

I am checking with our Product Team on this behaviour. I will update the ticket you have with us.

Thank you.


Hi @ingo,

The Product team, thank you for this feedback. They are working on improving this product.
But currently it is working as intended.

When you change the url on existing domains, it is registered as a new domain and triggers the alert.
The Page Shield team understands this should not be the case, in real world scenario, but it is working as intended for now.

They have taken this feedback as an improvement to be made in future.
Please do highlight any other features you would like to see in Page Shield, and I can forward it to the Product Team’s improvement scope.

Thank you.

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