Page Settings to remove from cache


I have set up three page rules as we do not what three separate areas of my website to be cache, see here:

it states that only one per URL will be applies… "…Only one Page Rule will trigger per URL, so it is helpful if you sort Page Rules in priority order, and make your URL patterns as specific as possible. "

So even though I can had three rules, I cannot have them for the same site? or same URL?

Maybe I am over thinking this, so will my 3 rules be followed?

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All of those will work, that page means that if multiple page rules match the URL (eg the highest priority page rule will trigger, so you cannot have multiple page rules that match

A good example is the below:

If I go to, only the first page rule’s settings will take effect, but not the second rule’s settings because of the priority of matches. Any other directory or path on the server will trigger the second one.

So your page rules should work as expected.


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