Page Rules Wildcard JS/CSS

Hi, I have versioning for my JS & CSS files, for example kt_player.js?v=5.5.1

In page rules, if I want to turn off cache for this, can I simply add in kt_player.js or do I need to wildcard it, kt_player.js*

In Standard caching level, Cloudflare would cache my-file.js?v=1 as a distinct cache from my-file.js?v=2, so that a second visit to both my-file.js?v=1 and my-file.js?v=2 would get each their own cached version. But if you want to have no cache at all for these files, you should use a wildcard to match any version.

So would this be the correct way to bypass all?*

As long as all JS files you are trying to bypass are named kt_player.js, and are placed at the /player/ subdirectory, as in the example you provided, then yes, that URL with a Cache Level: Bypass setting should work.

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