Page Rules - URL Forwarding not working

Hello everyone,

Was wondering if anyone can help me out here! I have been trying for days to setup page rules - url forwarding with the below configuration with no luck. Can someone with experience with this can tell me what I am doing wrong please.

Here is the Page Rule

Here is the DNS

It’s not even redirecting what it should. I tried ‘www’, and it just strips off the www.

Are the two Cloudflare name servers at the bottom of your DNS page at showing as Maria and Weston?

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Hey @sdayman

Yes there are

Where did you get the IP addresses for your site? Those belong to Cloudflare.

Delete one of those “A” records. Change the other one to an IP address of
Delete the CNAME for ‘www’ and make it an “A” record with the same IP address as above.

I believe Dom may have had a suggestion for that Page Rule, saying it should probably match ** so everything redirects to the site. And you probably don’t need the $1, so delete that.

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Yes, they are. We run our web on that uses cloud flare. We wanted to move the DNS server to cloud flare so we can have access to the page rules. Do you think that can cause a conflict? Hosting the DNS on cloud flare and the app CDN on cloud flare as well.

So to summarize Bubble instructs us to add those IPs to the DNS configuration. I can try to delete one and see if that helps.

As for the domain redirect we wanted the subdomain to forward to the wun domain. So for example * >$1

That’s a very strange setup…but if that’s what they tell you to do, then stick with it.

What this would do is forward to (The $1 is a copy of the first *). And it would not match because it’s only matching a URL that ends with a / after your hostname. You’d need to put a * after that final /, and then change the $1 to a $2 so it copies the second *.

@sdayman thanks, So I have updated it to this.

To me this makes sense as we want the 1st * to be the ID in the wun URL. so for example > WUN |

Ad for the 2nd * can be the path. So the whole example can look something like this. > WUN |

I will give it some time to propagate. Appreciate your help and will update the thread soon with some results

Hey @sdayman

I hope you don’t mind me pinging you again. I am still faced with the same issue and always seem to get this

Just to clarify, this is the DNS settings as instructed

And this is the page rule that I am trying to setup

Thank you,

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