Page Rules - URL Forward with querry paramenter

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I might need help with page rules I want to use a URL forward and preserving certain querry parameter.

Original URL*

Forward URL$1

What am I doing wrong? The forward itself is working, however the querry parameter are not forwarded correctly.
If I am forwarding all the querry parameter its working fine, when I only want to forward all except of the first one (like in the example) its not working anymore?

What am I doing wrong?

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Based on what you posted it should be forwarded correctly.

Would you have a sample URL?

Also, do you have an ACM certificate? Otherwise the hostname you posted won’t work on HTTPS.

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Thanks for the fast answer, yes I do have an ACM certificate. The HTTPS is working fine.

When I tried to build a demo use-case to demonstrate the issue it was working just fine, so I deleted the old page rule and copy/pasted it to a new one and now its working. No clue what was wrong with the page rule, I also double checked if it was conflicting other page rule, but that was definitely not the case.

Anyway, a big thanks to you, if you would not have confirmed that the structure is correct, I would have never tried to recreate the same page rule again.

No worries, my pleasure.

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