Page rules to exclude site folders

Hello, newbie here, struggling with something that should be basic.
Our property is divided betweem:

  • a wordpress site in domain/folder1
  • a phpbb3 forum in domain/folder2
    Given the issues with CF and phpbb3, our strategy was to exclude folder2 through page rules so that we would preserve user IPs and avoid side effects. And the main rationale for the CDN function was to cache the wordpress site.

So we implemented the following page rule:
Disable Security
Disable Apps
Disable Performance

That didn’t do it. Posting a new message on the forum would result in the following symptoms:

  • URL changed to with a port 80 suffix after the domain
  • resulting in a browser error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
    Pausing CF restored normal function immediatly.

Are we making a dumb mistake with the URL wildcards or using the wrong option to exclude folder2 ?
Help much appreciated.

If a DNS entry is set to :orange:, all that traffic will go through Cloudflare. Considering you’re applying Page Rules, you can’t use them to bypass Cloudflare (otherwise Page Rules won’t be in effect).

Is it just a User IP problem? I thought phpbb had a way of detecting IP headers.

Thanks for your reply.

Not being an ace at this stuff, I assumed a distinction between:

  • DNS requests which obviously are pointed to CF’s domain name server
  • actual http requests which, depending on the page rule and folder wildcards, could be either pointed to CF’s cache server, or straight to the native hosting server.

The issues are two fold:
#1 SSL errors which makes any new post err out (the message is actually posted but the issuer gets a browser error)
#2 Obfuscation of IP addresses: this is an issue too. I understand that a work around was available by installing mod_Cloudflare on the server (which can be a problem in case of shared hosting), but nod_Cloudflare is no longer supported by Cloudflare

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