Page rules to cache webpages by device type in Pro Plan


I’ve CF Pro Plan with a website which modifies a pair of elements depending on the device of the visitor (Mobile or Desktop). I’ve tried to create a Page Rule for ‘*’, but I’ve found that CF creates the same cached copy for all the devices.

If I first-visit ‘’ with Desktop browser, CF creates a Desktop-version cached copy for that URL. If a mobile user visits such URL, they find the Desktop elements.

I’ve read that CF offers a specific setting to “cache by device type” (, but only for Enterprise plans. I wondered if there was a workaround (e.g. by modifiying the configuration in the origin server/code) in order to cache webpages in CF by detecting the device of the visitor.

Thank you very much in advance.

The default cache-key is:


So there is nothing that you can do in the response from your origin that will enable a different asset to be served depending on the device type.

You could do a mobile redirect, but I suspect that is not really relevant these days.

You could also use Workers to modify the request URI before doing a cache fetch. For example, append Device-Type to the URI before fetch using similar logic to the Cache by Device Type feature.


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