Page Rules still 502 error

I have setup page rule for certain url of my website like:

defined URL as:
and defined rules as:
Security Level: Essentially Off, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance

still many of the times while browsing these url I get 502 time out error with cloudflare page, can anyone suggest me where I am doing wrong…?
As I ma using official documentation only:

Can show us what are URLs that keep returning 502?

Cant share url on public community as these are for my website administration area
but as I mentioned I have defined url as:

* *

here is the screenshot of page rules area:

Note: the space before last * sign is not there in rul but had to keep it here to show as the forum was formatting my text if dont give the space.
and settings as described. Sill I am getting 502 timed out error, specially when server it too busy with many request.

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