Page Rules + Rocket Loader

Hi everyone, I have an application NextCloud that doesn’t play well with RocketLoader, this is documented from them that I have to disable, however I would like to have it active for other applications under my domain.

Globally I have it on however I have page rules and a specific rule to exclude performance but it doesn’t seem to be working, any advice on how globally I can keep RocketLoader on but have it excluded from a specific URL request, see image.

Is the URL you are serving the NextCloud instance one a subdomain (https://*.domain.tld) or on the root domain (https://domain.tld)?
Also could you please not just disable performance but also “RocketLoader: off

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It’s a TLD subdirectory in my case /cloud/

I’d edited my page rules as per your recommendation but same result.

Please answer if the domain/URL it is hosted on is a

  1. rootdomain (https://domain.tld/cloud/)
  2. subdomain (https://*.domain.tld/cloud/)

I have seen the subdirectory but asked for if it is hosted on a subdomain or rootdomain.
BTW if you could just the whole domain things would be more easy and we could make some additional checks

It’s root domain, sub directory.

Then ALL of your PageRules does NOT apply to this application as it is hosted on the rootdomain.
As the rules are starting with *.domain.tld/... they just apply to (all) subdomains.

Please do this:

  1. change first rule to domain.tld/cloud/*
  2. clear Cache
  3. wait a min
  4. test again
  5. be happy :slight_smile:

Please report back if this did the trick


Thank you for clarifying that, it works now.

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