Page rules - redirect URL not working in Facebook

I’ve used page rules to redirect 2 urls for my website. They seem to work but if I’m on my laptop (as opposed to my phone) the link doesn’t work in facebook? It ends up being sent to my 404 page… can anyone help? maybe I haven’t set the rules up properly.

I have /talk and /webinar being redirected to specific URL’s and then I have the page rule that redirects the root domain to the www CNAME…

What does this exactly mean? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

Also, what are the original URLs? redirects to the page

It seems to work on my phone and on my computer. But if I’m clicking on the link in Facebook it redirects to the 404 error page (“page not found”).

I’m assuming I haven’t set my page rules up correctly…? Or perhaps Facebook doesn’t like page redirects?

That URL seems to redirect to /p/registration-page. Can you post a screenshot of your page rule?

I believe its because facebook add the ?fbclid parameter and your url became:

click on it and you will see 404, you need to fix your redirection rule to make the redirect even if there any parameters

Thank you so much! I added an * to the end of the URL and it now works :slight_smile:

Thanks solved now. my page rule url needed an * after it :slight_smile: