Page Rules Redirect of Parent Domain to Sub Domain

I would like to know settings to perform to redirect parent domain to sub domain as neither has an active website.

I tried creating two Page Rules:

domain dot com → https://
www domain dot com/ → https:/ /

The redirects are not working. is working fine and set to proxy through Cloudflare DNS and CDN in DNS settings (orange).

I have “Always use HTTPS” set to ON under SSL/TLS app.

I do not have an A or CNAME records set for parent domain or WWW as they have no destination to go to, I just want them 301 redirected to sub-domain.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

Without an A record or CNAME no client is able to look up the host to then be redirected somewhere else. Create a record for both and point them to and orange cloud them, it doesn’t matter where they point if you are redirecting them somewhere else but they have to exist for someone else to be able to ‘find’ them to be redirected.

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