Page rules/redirect not working

I created a page rule to forward my domain to another domain. I then enabled the “Proxy” under both the root and www dns records. When I visit the site, it shows the content that was present before making any of these changes. I’ve tried clearing cache/cookies and flushing DNS. I’ve also tried on multiple computers in multiple locations. I have also purged the Cloudflare cache in my dashboard for this domain.

Upon investigating further, the previous A record had an IP address that was affiliated with either Cloudflare or Newfold Digital (

It looks as if perhaps some old settings from the previous domain might still be taking over somehow.

Is there any way to see if this might be happening or whether something else is going on?

UPDATE: There was indeed some kind of existing record somewhere in Cloudflare. It sounds like it might have been WP-Engine or “Cloudflare SSL for SaaS”. I created a ticket with Cloudflare and they were able to removed it.

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