Page rules Redirect non-www to www not working



Please help me, my redirect non-www to www not working
Here are screenshot:


Get rid of the http:// in front. If there’s no scheme, it will match either (http or https).

Also…make sure the naked domain is set to :orange: so Page Rules will be in effect.


thank you for your support,
here are my change :
but i’m a marketer, not Developer so i don’t known how to make sure the naked domain is set to :orange: .
please please help me !


Your first message showed DNS Records, but only the CNAME for www that’s set to :orange:.
You need another DNS Record for just that’s set to :orange: It can be a CNAME as well, but just make sure it’s set to :orange:.


thank you, thank you very much, my problem has been solved

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