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I want to forward a subdomain to a zendesk instance. Can I do this using page rules?

IE: —>

I didn’t see this particular scenario in the community. Sorry if I missed it.


Match:* and add Setting: Forwarding URL (301) to


Note that this is a redirect. If you want support as a subdomain, there should be instructions for this in the zendesk configuration panel.

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Also, doesn’t Zendesk allow CNAME’s [if] you want to use


Actually I guess this isn’t available at all plans

Host mapping is available if you have Support Team, Professional, or Enterprise and Guide Lite or Professional.

the “essential” plan does not include this, so you would need a redirect page rule as detailed by @sdayman above.

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I set it up


It’s resolving and redirecting for me.

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So here is what solved it.

  1. Set up the page rule as stated in this ticket
    2. Set up an A record for your subdomain and point it to ANY IP address. ***** this is what is missing
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