Page Rules pls Help

Page Rules require a DNS record for your page rule to work. Page Rules won’t apply to hostnames that don’t exist in DNS or aren’t being directed to Cloudflare.

How do I setup the dns for my page rules?

These are my page rules: (i assume i need dns for them as they dont work)


Just create a DNS record for the names that don’t have one. Anything will do if they are never hit, usually the preferred values to use are for an A record or 100:: for AAAA as if the page rule breaks or is deleted, they will go nowhere.



You do need DNS for any Page Rule (or any Cloudflare feature) to work. However, your rules also may need some fixing.

Rule #1 redirects https://www. to http:// naked domain.

Rule #2 redirects both http://www and https://www to https:// naked domain.

What exactly is the outcome you want from the rules?


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