Page Rules or Redirects not working

Can’t really figure this out, but Single Redirects and Page Rule URL Forwarding is not working. I think it has to do with the fact that my sites are hosted at WPEngine using Global Edge Security but DNS is at Cloudflare. With this setting I believe traffic is routed through that instead of Cloudflare.

So I changed the DNS to use Cloudflare’s proxied (Orange cloud) which should bypass WPEngine’s GES but it’s stil not working, traffic still not routing through Cloudflare.

Any ideas?

From what I am reading this seems to be a Custom Hostname, so the settings from WPEngine always take precedence, and no setting you make in your zone will apply.
So you can either manage your zone yourself (by removing the Custom Hostname from WPEngine) or try to have them change settings for your zone in their WPEngine SSL for SaaS hosting zone.

ENT users can use a feature called o2o to control settings in their own zone while still using SSL for SaaS but this is not yet available for non-ENT users: