Page Rules Not Working -

All settings are done. Our website is not redirected on cloudflare. Images are attached. Can anyone help
me please?

For Page Rules to apply, Cloudflare needs to receive the traffic. For the traffic to go through Cloudflare, you need some proxied DNS Record to exist for that hostname. If you just want to use it as a redirect domain, create AAAA @ 100:: Proxied, 100:: is IPv6 Discard, what Cloudflare recommends for originless setups like this where there is no real web server and all requests will be processed by Cloudflare.

Just by having this proxied record existing, Cloudflare will in turn respond to DNS Queries with their own A/AAAA Proxy IPs, and the traffic will flow through Cloudflare and hit the redirect


It works now, thanks a lot. Can we make the redirect type framed?

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