Page Rules not working on a proxied domain

Hi all

I have a handful of domains that I’m pointing to a single site. I have successfully setup the domains, with proxy enabled, and created 2 standard page rules to point both the non-www and www version of the domains to that single site.

All of these setups are working except for 2 domains. I have confirmed that:

  • Proxy is enabled
  • Name servers are indeed pointing to Cloudflare
  • Domains are valid & setup etc

However the page rules just aren’t triggering, and traffic is continuing onto the WordPress site that the a records are pointing to.

Cant quite figure out what has gone wrong, when 3 or 4 other sites with this config are working just fine.

TIA for the help

Can you share your page rule setup?

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Thanks @Cyb3r-Jak3

“New users can only post 1 image”… :person_facepalming: I’ll post the next image in a new reply…

Compared to another domain with the exact same setup, that is redirecting correctly