Page rules not working for Cloudflare for SAAS Domain

I have a domain that is hosted with an e-commerce company that uses Cloudflare for SAAS.

This means that I lost “Control” over my domain, since cloudflare seems to not work properly if you have a domain that points its A record to a Cloudflare for SAAS account.

My e-commerce provider wont supply an IP address that bypasses this. They say all traffic must go through this Cloudflare for SAAS account.

So my question is, how do I setup and use page rules? Their change to Cloudflare for SAAS seems to have stollen all my control. I no longer see states for this domain, and no longer am able to use page rules.

What are we supposed to do?

Hi @david as mentioned on your ticket, that is correct, certain Cloudflare services such as page rules and workers cannot currently be used in this situation.

This is known as the orange to orange problem, and our engineering team is working to solve this issue for all customers.

With some providers using Cloudflare, it may be possible to proxy your site and have some working settings, but this is very much provider-specific and is not currently widely available.

Sorry for any confusion and inconvenience caused. But as of today, you won’t be able to use page rules (or any other Cloudflare features configured at your Cloudflare dashboard) for those hostnames you delegated to SaaS providers who happen to use Cloudflare as well.

You might want to check with the provider to see if they can implement the settings you’re looking to achieve on their end.

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