Page Rules not working for 2 domains

Dear Support,

I’ve noticed that among the 7 domains that I have on my account, 2 are not redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS, despite the “Always use HTTPS” page rule, as well as 2 other page rules meant to redirect non-WWW to WWW and HTTPS or non-HTTPS WWW to WWW and HTTPS.

Last week I saw this problem with 1 domain among 4 domains.

That was the moment when I’ve added 3 more domains, so I’m currently having 7 domains under my account, but now also another “older” domain (from the initial group of 4 domains) ignores its Page Rules.

I’m having issues with:

What’s wrong?


Hi Alan,

I’d first look at their order, as only one page rule is triggered for any given URL.

Could you share a screenshot of your page rules?

Can you post a screenshot of your Page Rules?

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Hi to you both,

Please find attached 3 screenshots.

The first one shows a domain that works properly.

The second ones are for the 2 domains that don’t work as expected anylonger.


Wanted to upload 3 screenshots, but I’m allowed to upload only 1 single image, as a new user. I kept the screenshot from one of the 2 domains that don’t work properly.

Many thanks,

Why aren’t you using Always Use HTTPS in the SSL/TLS settings page? That should do what the first two page rules do. Then the last rule only needs to match*

I’m actually using it for all domains.

This option:


Encrypts traffic between the browser and Cloudflare"

So that I could use the shared Cloud Flare SSL certificate instead of purchasing an individual one for each domain.

The issue that I’m having makes me believe that there is a glitch on the Cloud Flare backend that their support could check and fix for me.


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