Page Rules not working as expected non www to www

Hello all, I have a website hosted in Podia, and they will generate SSL certificate for my domain which is

For my DNS setting, this is what I have it in place
Name: www

I am now trying to redirect following website to

For example, when user types or or

So I did a Page Rule using following setting

Forwarding URL, 301 - Permanent Redirect
Destination URL:$1

When I type into my browser, I get this

I suspect I had to create a temporary webpage with SSL cert, so it will be redirected to that page and then further redirect back to www version? This is what I did previously using nakedssl but nakedssl no longer offer free redirect at the moment.

Is there any recommendation or suggestion that I could take to resolve this issue? Any help will be highly appreciated!

I made a mistake on the first sentence, my domain is

The site is expected to run on and the redirection is set which is correct indeed and redirects as expected to

However, the apex does not seem to have any record. You may need to add that. Check this adding A record:

Hello @neiljay thanks for getting back! I don’t think podia provided me with an A record that I could based on how they implement the redirect currently I have also reached out to their support to see what they could do about it.

The doc suggests this:

Hello @neiljay yeap Naked SSL is one of the options as I mentioned in the initial post but it has halted redirect for 1 domain currently. So not sure if anyone knows how to do similar trick using Cloudflare?

You may check if there are other options from Podia site. What about the domain registrar as the doc mentions?

It looks like this working now that there is an entry for the apex name.


Hello @neiljay and, thank you so much for your time and effort for helping me to look into the issue!

I have resolved it using CNAME flattening since Podia is using CNAME on their side without a fix IP address

So things are working as expected now, I can access my website through or

Thank you!


Also a gentle reminder for others who might face the same difficulties in the future, we have to set this page rules as well to make sure when you type something like will route to as expected.

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