Page Rules not redirecting - DNS Only

I’m trying to setup some page rules to redirect from one subdomain to another. No matter what I do it doesn’t work - even the most basic rule doesn’t work.

My domain obviously runs through Cloudflare and I have a DNS CNAME record for the subdomain I’m trying to redirect. However, I have noticed that in the DNS settings page, the DNS Record displays as having a Proxy Status of DNS Only.

Is this the problem? Does this mean that Cloudflare isn’t actually proxied for this subdomain?

Precisely. You need to switch on proxying if you want the page rule to take effect.

Silly question, how do I do that :slight_smile:

Switch :grey: to :orange:

There is no option for that. This is why I’m so confused.

Can you post a screenshot? Redact the IP address if necessary.

Is that host already on Cloudflare itself? In that case you couldnt proxy it. Cloudflare does not support double proxying.

I have no idea. It’s Ghost Blog.
There instructions say to setup using Cloudflare, so seems strange that they might already. The address is where my Ghost Blog is installed on their servers.

Well, is on Cloudflare, so I assume that host will be too. In that case you wont be able to proxy that record.

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Really appreciate your help on this one. Have been hitting brick walls with this one all day.

I am afraid it is a known issue and so far Cloudflare hasnt addressed it. Under the current architecture you wont be able to place that host under Cloudflare’s control, respectively at least a Cloudflare configuration/account you control.

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