Page Rules no longer working, possible it has something to do with recent switch to

Hey there,

My page rules are no longer working, and I’m trying to troubleshoot the issue.

The only thing that’s changed is that the domain no longer points to a static webpage, it’s now linked to our Shopify store.

Is it possible it has something to do with recent switch to Shopify? The A record is pointed at Here are the page rules:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Since you are now using Cloudflare and your DNS records are set to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”, your requests are going direct to Shopify and not passing through your Cloudflare account, so your Page Rules won’t be executed.

Right. When I try to proxy the primary A record, I get the error “This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 9004)”

First link on Google goes here:

Do I need to have an Enterprise account to proxy a domain pointed at Shopify?

Shopify uses Cloudflare so at the moment you can’t proxy it through your own account as well without an Enterprise account…

OK so, I’m not paying for Enterprise. I have a free Cloudflare plan and I pay for Page Rules for a simple way to manage redirects. If I’m not willing to pay for Enterprise, am I ■■■■ outta luck?

Thanks for your help sjr!

The redirect from wholesale to your domain doesn’t work because you don’t have a DNS record for wholesale

You can add a dummy proxied DNS record in your Cloudflare account for wholesale pointing at A or AAAA 100::. That will work through your Cloudflare account.

For the other 2 redirects, as the hostname is “DNS only” and on Shopify, you should be able to set those redirects up within Shopify

Amazing, got it! Thank you so much!!