Page Rules Migration

We are using the above depreciated Page Rules (important: this product is deprecated, read more here How do we migrate to the new Rules?

It looks like you already found the migration guide.

Which part are you struggling with?

Which section would a rule like this go into? how do you write the new rule? etc, Im just a beginner.

The guide you linked to tells you step-by-step how to apply each of those settings in the new location.

The first two rules are set to prevent caching of the WordPress admin and our contact us page which would be placed in “configuration rules”. The 3rd rule would be placed in “caching rules”. They are meant to fire in order.
Will this caching still work as intended if the rules are split in different sections?

Your first two rules are set to disable apps. According to the migration guide you linked to, it’s to Disable Cloudflare Apps (Deprecated). You’re most likely not using any:

Your third rule is also covered in the Guide, and is pretty straightforward:

Only your third rule is doing anything, so there will be no change in behavior.

So how do I tell it not to cache my WordPress admin URLs?

Have you considered looking in the Cache Rules for that?

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And what do you do if you want the cache to bypass certain URLs like WordPress admin?

You create a rule to define the exclusion.

Which section does that go in?

@bondimedical3, you can use a simple cache rule to do that. Configure your filter to target desired WordPress admin URLs as shown in Create a cache rule in the dashboard · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs, then select “Bypass cache” as the action of your rule:


Make sure you put that Bypass at the end of the list. Requests work their way down the list, and the final instruction you give it is what it will follow.


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